The Brothers of Chico Dusty

by Wick-it the Instigator

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Andreas thumbnail
Andreas The Black Keys and Big Boi mixed together? I didn't think it would work. Life's full of surprises... it actually does work. Good fun. Favorite track: Black Bug.
CNote3030 thumbnail
CNote3030 I can't pick a track. I truly play this front to back and sometimes 2x, 3x in a row by accident. I'm loving the speed it gave some songs and the hook by the Black Keys should be a standard. (meaning good bands blasting off at the same time a lyricist is KILLING IT!
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DJ Wick-it returns from the lab with this sanctioned slice of soul-hop just in time for Big Boi to tell his friends "Stank you very much" this Christmas.

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Two of the greatest albums to emerge from 2010 get mashed together in what is now known as 'The Brothers of Chico Dusty'.

Featuring beats crafted from The Black Keys latest album 'Brothers' and vocals from Sir Lucious Leftfoot's 'The Son of Chico Dusty', this album is nothing but pure-cut-butter.

Spin Magazine -
❝ There's no lack of genre-crossing album mashups, and while most are for-kicks novelty, some are much more meaningful, like the Beatles-Jay-Z mix The Grey Album, which launched the career of Danger Mouse. Here's another one definitely worth a listen: SPIN Artists of the Year the Black Keys mashed with OutKast rapper Big Boi.

Aptly-titled The Brothers of Chico Dusty, the mixtape combines two of SPIN's 40 Best Albums of 2010: Big Boi's solo LP Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty and the Keys' Brothers. Whoever's responsible for this gem -- apparently, it's anonymous artist who goes by "Wick-it" -- shouldn't slip back onto the web unrecognized. ❞

The Smoking Section -
❝ As twisted as the idea sounds, turntabilist Wick-It’s ballsy concoction yields pretty surprising results as Antwan Patton sounds like a lost Keys’ band member. ❞

The Nashville Scene -
❝ Now that The Black Keys live here — and since ATL is just a hop and a skip from Music City — we’re going to go ahead and claim this one. It’s a perfect (semi-) local storm. We told you before about how Big Boi thinks local turntablist Wick-It the Instigator is dope. Well, now there’s even more reason for a bromance to blossom between the two ballers (It's started). Wick-It has mashed up The Black Keys’ Brothers and Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty — both of which are already getting a lot of love on year-end best-of lists (just ask Grimey’s). ❞


released December 24, 2010

Produced, mixed, and recorded by Andrew Owsley, a.k.a., Wick-it the Instigator.

MC - Big Boi (of Outkast)

Music - The Black Keys

Album artwork by Andrew Bateman (Bateman Design).